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We are currently running a number of programs with young people and we need some volunteers to get involved


WORLD PHILOSOPHICAL FORUM is envisioned to be the solution for the development of the great thinker, responsible and morally – upright Earth citizens to achieve peace, unity economic prosperity and global sustainability.


Our aspiration in life to educate humanity based on their expertise and technical know-how in a positive direction and consolidate their idea for a better humanity and transformed into integrated earth citizenship for the 21st century.

Chairman’s Message

In line with the Universal Constitution of Earth as being the most important document for every human being, and that of the statement of the Director-General of UNESCO Irina Bokova “our first strategic objective is to shape the global education agenda. This requires vision, foresight, analysis of trends, and understanding where and why we are falling short” a realization hit me. Knowledge is power, a power not only to be used but also to be shared. We all must have the will to share what we know especially if we believe that it would contribute to a better and united society.

I want to share this lesson that I believe is not known by most people, a program a successful life. There are 2 parts of this program, first is to KNOW HOW and second is to DO-HOW.

A Glimpse to Know How includes: knowing yourself, it would make a great advantage taking notes of your strengths and weaknesses in improving one’s abilities; Goal setting, having  goal would not only be a motivation but would also serve as director of where you want to go; Organized effort, this includes the systematic ways or plans you have in order to achieve must not be in vain and must strive hard to achieve it; Mental training,  we must know how to control our thoughts and imaging the ideal man you are determined to be; Creative imagination,  the world has been changing since it was created, we can’t keep on relying in the same ideas forever. The present is the sum of the creative imaginations of the past; Balance budget,  in all aspects we should keep things balanced especially in terms of time and money,  Physical wholeness,  being successful includes the well-being of the body in order to execute the plans you had set; Pleasing personality,  no man is an island, a person must have this in order to keep a good relationship; Friendly cooperation, we must cooperate with camaraderie; Applied knowledge,  knowledge is power only if applied;  Happiness and Peace of mind, it is the true success that a person would achieve. These principles, if done right, will make a true success in all aspects.

After all, is said and done, you will realize that a person cannot find true happiness and peace of mind in material things in this world, but rather, THROUGH LOVE, FAITH, AND ONENESS WITH GOD.



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